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Pet Hair Cleaning Brush

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Pets and furniture often don't mix well together. Pets, especially when they're shedding leave lots of hair sticking to the carpet which is almost impossible to vacuum out. While brushing it out could take hours of strenuous work.

The Pet Hair Cleaning Brush gets the job done in a matter of minutes! Simply rub the foam onto the area and watch the hairs roll off the carpet in neat little piles that you can easily pick up or vacuum out. It is that simple. No need for expensive washes and special cleaning chemicals. Simply rub on to roll the fur out!


  • Dimensions: 3.82in.x 3.82in.x 0.79in.
  • Can be used on all sorts of fabrics
  • Made of Foam rubber material

It works on all sorts of fabrics and is perfect for cleaning your car seats, sofa, pillows, and beds. The Pet Hair Cleaning Brush helps you keep your home clean of shed fur that may cause allergies. and ultimately, helps to keep your family and pets happy, comfortable and healthy.