Everything You Must Know About Pitbull Puppies


The pitbull is a loyal, friendly dog that has garnered a strong reputation for being playful, loving, and protective. As adorable as adult pitbulls can be, the puppies are even cuter and more fun to be around. If you are considering getting a pitbull puppy, there are certain things you need to know when raising … Read more

Border Collies: What you need to know about them.

Border Collie

Known for their unparalleled intelligence, Border Collies are one of the most sophisticated and trainable dog breeds. Best suited for active owners, these dogs make for loyal, loving, and highly trainable family companions. Personality Overview Some dogs prefer lives of leisure, spending their days sleeping, cuddling, and forever lying on laps. Others, like the golden … Read more

Things you need to know about Doberman Pinschers


This energetic dog needs brisk walks every day and all-out running as much as possible. Called Doberman Pinscher or in some instances called simply Dobermann. Not being around people and too little exercise will lead to restlessness and other behavioral concerns. Perhaps you have seen the movies where they are attack dogs and look really … Read more

5 of the best bling dog collars for your dog.

Bling dog collars will always be popular because your dog just looks flashy wearing it. Bling collars all look nice, but sometimes they are just not made well. We put together a small list of some of the prettiest but durable bling dog collars. We hope you enjoy Beirui Rhinestones Dog Collars  Because of the … Read more

How to properly care for a shelter dog.

shelter dog

A gigantic choice that comes with many benefits and several new obligations is to adopt and care for a shelter dog.   Are you looking for an addition to the family? Maybe you finally gave in to your family begging for a dog.     Here are a few things to do and consider right now, before you head … Read more

How to mellow out your dog!

Have you ever felt that there had to be a simple way for your dog to calm down? Often, our dogs are so stressed out and nervous that watching them this way is painful. They don’t have an off button. There’s more than one way for a dog to calm down, and some of them are … Read more