5 of the best bling dog collars for your dog.

Bling dog collars will always be popular because your dog just looks flashy wearing it. Bling collars all look nice, but sometimes they are just not made well. We put together a small list of some of the prettiest but durable bling dog collars. We hope you enjoy

Beirui Rhinestones Dog Collars 

Because of the type of material used to make this collar the Rhinestones are well attached than other bling dog collars. TPU leather is durable and will last longer than just a few uses. Definitely not just another sparkly necklace. but can also be used for dog walks. I mean what’s the point of having a sparkly collar if you can show it off.

bling leather dog collarBling Rhinestone Dog Puppy Collar Crystal Western Cow Brown Leather

By Tackrus. 100% Authentic rawhide leather dog collar product is all hand made, including any cutting tooling and painting. Sturdy and durable. This collar Offers comfort and hand stitch padding. I love the colors. This is probably one of the most durable collars on the market.

Rhinestone Flower Dog Dollar

Made for smaller dogs this bling collar offers a flower design. Get away from the usual Rhine stone collars. Also made from durable material your pup will look dazzling. Made for looks and for walks, this collar is compatible with any leash.

By Tackrus. Rhinestone Dog Puppy Collar Crystal Western Cow Leather

Probably one of the smoothest dog collars I have ever seen this collar is made for dogs small to large. Hand made 100% authentic rawhide leather. Rhinestones are embedded in the center which gives it a smooth sleek design. padding is stitched in this collar which provides comfort when on dog walks. Check out on eBay here

Crystal Dog Necklace  Puppy Diamond

No this is not the best-made collar but is on the list because it’s one of the most popular. Totally a necklace, and not made to be used for walking. Strictly made for looks this necklace comes in many colors. this collar is also only made for smaller dogs.

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